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★ VISA Fees for applicants in India has Changed TTS, the third party company contracted by Immigration New Zealand as a collection agent for visa applications, has been changed its visa service fee for applicants in India.

★ Health Certificate for Applicants You have to meet our health requirements to insure that you have healthy stay in New Zealand is genuine.

★ Character Certificate for Applicants You have to meet character requirements and prove to us that the intention of your stay in New Zealand is genuine."

⇒ Changes in New Zealand Student Visa are seems effective:

★ New Zealand today announced changes to its student visa policy. Following is the summary of the new changes introduced by the NZ government:
★Emphasis on genuine students
★The institutions will now be responsible for assessing the student's capabilities for the course before issuing the offer letter. The new change requires the students to attend the courses at all times unless they have genuine reasons for absence. Institutions will now be required to monitor the student's progress on regular basis based on their respective academic progress policies.

⇒ Financial Support from Sponsors:

★All the applicants applying for the student visa need to provide genuine evidence of funds for maintenance to immigration NZ as per the student visa policy. This can be demonstrated through applicant's own funds or sponsorship from friends of relatives. Students will need to prove that the sponsor [friend or a relative] has a genuine interest in supporting the student.

⇒ Quality of Provider:

★ Immigration NZ may stop issuing visas for any institution if it comes to the notice of Immigration NZ that the institution has breached the immigration or education requirements

⇒ Work Visa for Partners:

★Partners of students will qualify for work permits only if the student is undertaking qualifications that are at bachelor degree and above in the courses that are on long term skills shortage list [LTSSL]. Partners of students studying in postgraduate courses may qualify for work visa even if the courses are not on LTSSL.

⇒ Graduate Job Search Visa

★Students who obtain a second, higher qualification at bachelor's degree or postgraduate level will be able to obtain a second Graduate Job Search visa, rather than just one.