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Study in New Zealand

Why study in New Zealand?

New Zealand has several types of post-secondary educational institutions: universities, col-leges, private institutions and polytechnic with over-all 8 universities that offer high quality education. It’s also essential to note that these universities have their own significantly dedicated to foreigners who look forward to education in New Zealand. Programmes and courses offered in New Zealand are highly unique in their approach. Students are encouraged into practical analysis and broadening their creative strengths which is how most students acquire exceptional skills whilst studying in the country.
New Zealand universities readily offer multiple opportunities at all levels, from undergraduate to PhD, with a wide range of quality postgraduate programmes at the level of Masters and PhD.
Specific qualifications such as Graduate Diplomas and Honours. Graduate Diplomas specifically helps enroll students into one year long courses that they are determined on at a Masters level for any given subject without the requirement of an undergraduate degree stating in the same.

Experience the Country

New Zealand is located in the Pacific Ocean. The country mainly comprises of two islands, the North Island and South Island, although there are also numerous smaller islands. The closest countries to New Zealand are Australia and the Pacific Island nations : Fiji, New Caledonia and Tonga. Studying in New Zealand, you will discover a unique country - the ultimate outdoor play-ground with excellent opportunities to study. In terms of safety , the communities are welcoming with a world-class reputation for cutting-edge research and creative energy. New Zealand are not only recognized but are also well regarded throughout the world there-fore making it an attractive location to pursue education in New Zealand. New Zealand’s education system is based on the British system, similar to Singapore. It offers numerous opportunities for research and internship and can be taken up at the best of chances to not only acquire practical skills blending with education provided but this proves to be a golden platform that impact in a life-long impression of the country’s multiple significance.

Affordable Costs of Living

It is essential to make sure that the preferred choice made to study in a particular university also accommodates a suitable cost of living. In order to study in New Zealand, a required standard tuition fees (influenced by subject/level) is settled depending on the choice of institution. It is worthwhile to look into various scholarship options that can be further briefed upon through consultancy. Although it may depend on your location, it can vary between NZ$ 7,000-10,000 per year and will differ depending on the chosen lifestyle and accommodations. We provide you with various housing/accommodation options.